Summer Stadium Tour 2.0

If you kept up with our trip across country last summer, you know Will and I visited three different stadiums during our excellent adventure. Having crossed Nationals Park off the list last summer after arriving in the DMV, Will had his hopes set on some other parks this summer. While his list was a bit more ambitious than our schedule allowed for, we were able to make it to Camden Park to see the Orioles play the Twins.

I’m not sure who’s brilliant idea it was to drive to Baltimore the Friday of a holiday weekend in a rain storm (cough, cough – it was mine) but we made it with homer hankies in hand. Unfortunately the rain meant a rain delay, but we stuck it out for the 8:30pm start time and were glad we did! The homer hankies were flying with four homers by the Twinkies! Will was happy to see the Twins get the win and decided that Camden Park was right up there with Busch Stadium as one of his favorite parks to date.

While not a new stadium, we made it back to Target Field during our trip to Minnesota later in the summer (more on that to come) and even a St. Paul Saints game – a first for me! Will still has his hopes set on a trip to Philly and New York next summer to scratch a few more parks off the list.