Bikes, BBQ, Ballet, and SUMMER!

It’s June in Washington, DC which means school is winding down and summer is starting up. That means (more) baseball games, (more) bicycle adventures, and plenty of time on the porch with the grill fired up. Between Will and my MTB adventures at Fountain Head and Wakefield we are in the triple digit territory on the two-wheeled odometer. When the younger Wiktor is feeling lazy and passes on a ride, the old man takes out the gravel bike and cranks out some long rides out on the plains or up the C&O.

Sophia’s dance is wrapping up for the season which means the last couple of events / recitals. This year Mere, Sophia, and I put on some flashy threads (or as Will says, “fancy pants and a handsome shirt”) and attended the Cast Party at Belle Haven.

The rest of the month was filled with small adventures and smiles. No shortage of those in our family and for that we are grateful!