As American as BBQ and Beer

July is in full swing and the Wiktors are knee deep in adventure again. The 4th of July allowed for a little extra time off of work which is always welcome! “Mumsie” came to town for a little over a week and we spent most of the time she was here working on projects and cooking up a storm. One of the highlights was the grilled chicken and peaches salad pictured below. We also took advantage of free family baby-sitting while she was in town; Meredith and I flew out to St. Louis for the weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding. We were both a little apprehensive about the 110 degree weather in the forecast but it was actually bearable especially after a beer or three.

It was a military wedding so Dress Blues and swords were in effect. The wedding was in the morning which left a good amount of time to burn before the reception so the bride and groom chartered a bus to take guests to the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser brewery tour. Not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to beer but a brewery tour none the less. Overall I’d say beautiful campus but the tour was a bit too industrial; you may as well have been watching a corn canning line or a automobile assembly line but the tour came with free beer so I didn’t mind one bit.