Otherwise known as Will turns 11. Will keeps getting older and I’m still in dismay that my baby is far from that! He may be getting older but he’s still full of curiosity and a side of mischief. Will started his 10th year with a baseball cake and that theme certainly carried him through the year. Baseball cards, facts, camps, practices, games – he really loves the sport! Despite his new found interest, he still took time to enjoy some outdoor adventures (Dad’s preferred sports) and I truly admire his willingness to try new things.

Will was pretty specific with his cake creation this year and I think we delivered! Cookies in the cake, milk & cookies buttercream AND cookies on top. Basically three desserts in one! While we do a lot of cooking and baking at Casa de Wiktor, we really only make cakes for birthdays and love to see what the kids choose each year. Hope 1-1 is a bright one, buddy!