Merrrrrry Minnesota!

An impulse airline ticket buy in September (they were a good deal I promise!) led us back to Minnesota for Christmas with big smiles on our faces. A few years ago, Meredith suggested an ugly Christmas sweater themed holiday gathering (since we are taking a break from parties at the house) and it was a big hit. This year, we had the idea to have a holiday song themed gathering (yes, still just gathering) where folks were encouraged, not required, to dress like a Christmas song. There were some good outfits that evening and of course, anyone who showed up without a costume was shunned and treated like a real Scrooge!

The usual Minnesota antics made the schedule. Tons of family time. A lobster race with no real victors. Fantastic food. Too many gifts. Unlimited laughs, smiles, and good times spent living in the moment with those we love. I still can’t believe we can cram so many people into the house!

After the Rochester portion of the trip, it was up to Minneapolis for round two. More feasts, more gifts, more time relaxing with family. We took an unexpectedly fun trip to an over-the-top cool mini golf and vintage arcade spot. Meredith, John, Lauren, and I even got a double date night while the kids soaked up some quality time with Grandma and Duane. Nobody was all too excited to head east on the 30th but we had more family fun on the schedule to help soften the return to reality.