Home Again

What a trip! We always head to Minnesota saying “it has been too long” regardless of the time passed since last visit home. Minnesota in July is about as good as it gets. Beautiful weather, tons of outdoor things to do, and plenty of family to spend time with.

We started our adventure in Rochester with garden tours, convertible drives, and long evenings on the back patio. We managed to find new fun in old spots around the city and enjoyed eating and drinking at some of the new places that have sprung up over the years.

After Rochester, it was back to Minneapolis to celebrate a retirement, crush a few cold ones at Surly, and play a round at Betty Danger’s Country Club with our favorite Minneapolis couple; they always know the cool places to go!

We left Minnesota feeling like it was too quick but still satisfied with the smiles shared, the time spent with family, and the number of pounds of ice cream consumed per person! Can’t wait for the next time!