A Quiet Month

After the busy holidays [and a quick trip to SoCal in January], February proved to be a pleasantly slow month. We savored our family dinners, weekend outings, and fun moments around the house. Lucy continued to live the life of Lucy which involves sleep interrupted by the occasional walk, snack, or tail wag. I did my version of sleeping in the sun and worked through a few new cocktails by the fire.

The real big news was the addition of two new members of the kitchen team here at Casa de Wiktor. First, a new espresso machine. And what a machine it is! We decided to splurge and replace our ailing single boiler with a dual boiler machine. Our baristas have been pretty happy with the results. The second new-join may not be the crown jewel of our collection but it sure is a conversation piece – a slow masticating juicer! Got beets anyone? I think I’m the only real fan… everyone else just tolerates it… and then is secretly mesmerized when it is turning pounds of veggies into bottles of juice. Who knew there was so much liquid inside a beet and a carrot!