I am happy to report we narrowly escaped the chaos that was SNOW-POCALYPSE. Or was is SNOW-MAGEDDON? I don’t know. It was all just so crazy and hard to keep up with… Call me biased but to a guy born and raised in Minnesota, it just seemed like it snowed pretty good for 36 hours and then everyone just skipped going to work for an entire week. Yes, a good 20 inches of snow fell… and then it was followed by a week of sunny days and temperatures in the 50s. What I can’t tell is whether it is ridiculous or sheer genius but either way, all work, school, etc. cancelled for pretty much the whole week.

Satire aside, the whole family had a blast. After not having a real winter in close to 9 years, even the parents were pumped. Plenty of shoveling to be had for those both big and small. Once things warmed up a bit, the kids got to make a real snowman (2.0 was much better than the lumpy/portly snowman v1.0) with no help from dad of course. An igloo was built and later converted to a snow castle for a snowball fight.

We even attempted to do some sledding but were somewhat unsuccessful. Apparently the “big, steep hill” down the street from us is really only “big” and “steep” in the eyes of a middle-aged guy in moderately good shape who is used to running up the hill. If you ask a sled, he’ll tell you it is damn near flat. Maybe we’ll find a better hill next time.