Guests from the Midwest

What fortunate folks we are to have family willing to come visit us from across the country! Aunt Mary and Aunt Anne made the trek out to California this month to spend some quality time with the Clays and Wiktors and quality time it was! Despite the sun being a little shy for the first part of their visit (“May Gray” seems to be a little early this year), we managed to get in plenty of fun.

We didn’t waste much time jumping into a backyard adventure. The group swung by the Carlsbad Flower Fields and strolled about getting plenty of pics. No trip to SoCal is complete without a couple of milk shakes and a Double Double – Animal Style (I skip the lettuce… who likes warm lettuce?).

Plenty of time was spent just soaking up the views of the water. For guests and residents alike, it is hard to get enough! The sun managed to peak out for a little while when we went down to The Cove so the seals (no ears, wiggle on their belly), sea lions (ears, big flippers), and waves looked that much better. Thanks for the great visit!