A family day

Usually work stuff stays off the blotter but since it was a family event and all… The Squadron had a family day on Saturday complete with fast roping, rockets, guns, cotton candy, and a “jumpy” as they’re called out here. Mere snagged a few pictures of me flying during the event and Carolyn got to see a little glimpse of what I do (on the fun days) for the first time.

As you can clearly see from the picture, there are 6 Marines fast roping out of the back of my helicopter. To answer your questions, yes lots of dust gets kicked up when we land, yes there is a helicopter in there somewhere, and yes I’m flying it. We got a good chuckle out of the whole fast roping thing as nobody could see us and we covered all the families in dirt. Next time we’ll land a little further to the right. The flying portion of Family Day ended with a little flyby for the crowd; little less dust in this picture so you can see me off to the left.