Goodbye Summer

Well, you wouldn’t know from the heat wave we had here the last week (it was 105!!!) but summer is officially over. Luckily, we live in Southern California so that doesn’t mean much to us. Words like snow and windchill don’t work their way into our vocabulary with the changing of the season.

Before we bid farewell to summer Phil had a few opportunities to pull out his summer whites, which meant that I had an excuse to put on a dress and some heels! Earlier this month Phil’s squadron hosted a Dining In and last weekend we had the pleasure of attending Russ & Saasha’s beautiful wedding. I didn’t drag the “real” camera to the events, but here are our smiling faces nonetheless. Enjoy!

P.S. I asked the help desk (aka Phil) to turn on the comments again. We would love to hear from everyone out there…everyone except the spammers that is. Feel free to drop us a line by clicking on the comments tab!