Little Adventures

Little adventures are best embarked upon with little adventurers. Fortunately, there is no shortage of those around here. Lucy, Will, and Sophia all piled into the Land Cruiser for an adventure with Dad today. The truck fired up and west we went. Our goal for the day was to do some exploring in the Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest and scope out some off-road trails and potential camp sites for later use in the spring.

Mission success. Sort of. We did find a bunch of cool roads to cruise on, splendid views, and a couple of hiking trails for later. We also found a few cool little spots we didn’t know existed in Sperryville (Before&After) and Front Royal (PaveMint)…. but we also broke down on the way back!

7:00pm, 4 miles from home and old blue just quit. What the heck! After getting rescued by a good friend nearby, a tow truck ride for old blue, a week of poking around under the hood, I think a new distributor is what she needs. Could’ve been worse I suppose. The cab ride from the top of mountain would have been a real pain.