Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

Ok, so there was no dancing and it didn’t look anything like the scene out of my favorite Christmas movie, but we certainly had a great time celebrating the holiday season with a few of our friends at the White House Christmas Party. It was a bit of a sensory overload taking everything in during the few short hours we were there. Between the hundreds of brightly shining trees to the delectable spread of eats, sweets and drinks. We tried to cram it all in and savor each minute however, we did restrain ourselves from literally cramming the fancy cookies into our coat pockets (like many of the other guests did) as we exited.

I decided one holiday trip to the White House for the season simply wasn’t enough so a week later we headed back to DC with the kids. I was happy they got to experience Christmas at the White House and Dad was happy that no one complained about “having to go to the White House.”