August in the DMV

Crab cakes and football are a Maryland thing so I guess crabs and baseball can be a Virginia thing. Summer in the DC area is sure to be one thing: humid. If you want something besides the humidity you need to venture out into the humidity and grab it! We did our best to not get beat by the heat as we picked our way through some of the DMV’s classic summertime events.

With close friends in town asking to see the sights, we dripped our way around a few of the monuments before seeking refuge at the pool. The Padres came to town so Will decided to cheer for both. Anyone that knows three of the four of us knows we are never more than a light suggestion away from an ice cream stop when the sun is out.

If there is one thing I’ll happily venture out into the heat to get, it is a couple dozen No. 1s from the Municipal Fish Market! Lucky for me it is an easy trip to make and I have plenty of folks at the house that share my enthusiasm for steamed blues. Hands down the best shellfish that roams the seas. I have such fond childhood memories of picking crabs on newspaper lined tables in Towson so it’s great to see the tradition is just as welcome by the next generation.

Last big milestone for the month of August was the start of school. Complete with school uniforms! There was a bit of grumbling at first but it quickly subsided. Now the kids pick on dad when he wears khakis and a white polo shirt. “Nice school uniform dad!”