Ten Wild Years!

What do you know, Wild Bill is double digits! Four months after his birthday (because of course this post is not timely) I’m still in disbelief that my youngest kiddo has already reached this milestone. Sidenote, we never call him Bill but this nickname has definitely stuck and become oddly fitting.

While some years Will is lucky enough to have his birthday fall on Labor Day weekend, most years it’s on a school day. That was the case this year and it was also back to school night for middle school, but we still managed a fun celebration. This year we ate a new “birthday pasta.” This is what Will dubs his pasta dish of choice once we’ve had it on his birthday (see photo below from last year’s “birthday pasta”). Sticking with the recent baseball obsession, Will requested a cookies and cream flavored baseball cake which he helped decorate and we all agreed was quite tasty!

Will is quite the paradox. He is adventurous, inquisitive, kind, caring and is still our old soul. He is also stubborn, sometimes a little careless (there were less scabs and no teeth knocked out this year – insert sigh of relief here) and he isn’t afraid to tell us how he feels. He definitely marches to his own beat and said beat is usually blasting from his tape player or record player. As I said, an old soul! We love his willingness to try new things and show up with a smile on his face. This fall he played baseball, something he hasn’t done since he was 6 and volunteered to pitch at the first game with zero experience. A challenging and humbling experience, yes, but he learned so much and managed to have fun too. Some other firsts for the year – trumpet, learning to love reading (he read the entire Harry Potters series over the last few months) and chess. Will you are full of love and surprises and we can’t wait to see all the wild adventures you take us on over the next ten years!