New Year, Old Haunts

You may stick us on the East Coast and not give us a flake of snow for the winter but you can’t keep us off the slopes forever! Well, three of us anyway. We’re still working on the skiing part for Mere but she enjoys the quiet time and beautiful views during the days and the noisy, family time in the evenings (you do, right?) that come with a few days on the mountain. I am developing some strong aversions to the crowds associated with weekend skiing – particularly on record breaking years when it comes to snow fall.

Instead of charging into the fray, we opted to spend Saturday scouting the Reno area for “future plans” then made our way to Northstar. Tasty coffees and In-N-Out obviously were included in the agenda; I’d include a picture of the latter but surprise, surprise, Will has sauce all over his face. With a load of groceries and our sticks unpacked, we were set for the next three days of skiing. The condo at Northstar once again proved to be the perfect setup and the conditions were phenomenal!

First tracks on Sunday were a little crowded but Monday and Tuesday we had the mountain to ourselves. The kids picked up where they left off (except that one time… don’t worry about that one time) then made huge progress. We skied some 40,000 vertical feet and hit pretty much every part of the resort. Will spent most of the last day picking his way through the moguls aided a little bit by “ego snow” as the locals call it (because it’s so forgiving). Still counts though! Well done my man. Sophia methodically picked her way down runs, always in full control. Proving that you can never predict kids, when polled as to their favorite part of the trip their unanimous response was “the T-bar.” Not the perfect conditions. Not the great food/drinks. Nope. The T-bar/platter lift that is hidden near Lookout Mountain. Proven 1930s technology…

Regardless of what our own personal highlights were, we all hope to see you next year Tahoe!